Md Alamin

Md Alamin

Hey there, I am a software engineer with several years of experience in the software development arena.
I am passionate about designing and developing backend APIs, databases, and microservices with good software development practices and principles.

I love to take new challenges because challenges make me more curious and proactive.

Currently, I’m working with:

- Javascript, Nodejs, Typescript
- MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
- Docker, AWS, Socket.IO

Technologies I have worked on so far:

- Javascript, Nodejs, Typescript, Golang, Python
- Express, Django, Angular
- MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
- AWS (EC2, S3, Elastic transcoder, SQS, SNS)
- Linux, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, RabbitMQ, gRPC

I am an autodidact to exploring new areas of science and technologies, love to solve problems and constantly learn from the experience.